Dimitrios Platis

I call myself a Software Engineer and a Maker. During the days I hack on embedded systems of all shapes and sizes. Having worked on systems running Yocto Linux and the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) I am very passionate about software architecture and clean code being the enablers for high quality, reusability, and maintainability. Consequently, I incorporate this mindset and principles into my way of working as I believe they are fundamental for agility and effectiveness.
Currently, I am employed by Zenseact in Gothenburg, Sweden, enabling autonomous drive for the next generation vehicles.

Usually, I spend my evenings on open source projects which I blog about. My favorite ones revolve around IoT, robotics and handheld gadgets where I love to develop the entire product stack. Hardware-wise, this includes everything from the PCB to the physical case around the electronics and software, from the embedded firmware to the cloud. Lately, I have also gotten into creating YouTube tutorials about software craftsmanship with C++ and embedded systems.

Last but not least, I teach the undergraduate DIT112 course on Systems Development as well as the DIT598 graduate course on Software Evolution at the University of Gothenburg.

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How to create your own Linux distribution
Dimitrios Platis

💡 Want to learn how custom embedded Linux is built for IoT devices, the automotive, or the telecom?
💡 Curious about how to create your own operating system?

📅 Then join this, beginner-friendly, deep dive on the Yocto project!


After the workshop, the participants should be familiar with:

✔️ Yocto build fundamentals

✔️ Hardware & software-specific configuration

✔️ Simple bitbake recipes for C++ binaries built with CMake

✔️ Application launch on startup with systemd

✔️ WiFi connection & IP on startup

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