EVRYMAP & modules by Consortis Geospatial
2021-11-14, 11:00–11:30, Room 1

Are you interested in presenting and publishing geospatial data? Or spatially enabling an existing application? Or you may have specific business needs and workflows that require online processing and editing of spatial data in a multi-user environment. Whatever your need, Evrymap can cover it.

At its out-of-the-box form, EVRYMAP is a web map portal providing all the functionality you would expect from a web GIS (navigation, measuring, printing, layer management, adding WMS/WFS/Esri Rest layers, export, etc)
But its real strength is its extensibility. Consortis Geospatial has already developed some modules based on Evrymap which are already deployed in production environments:

Acts as a mini-cadastre for organizations with a real-estate portfolio like Local Government Agencies or Banks. It allows users to easily review, catalogue, and manage real estate data (land parcels and buildings).

A map-based information system for the management and supervision of water and wastewater networks (the latter still WIP) in an integrated GIS environment. It maintains network topology through rules and significantly improves response times and reduces network management costs.

Building permits and Expropriations Management
These two applications are examples of spatially enabled, not "map-first" systems, meaning that while the bulk of their functionality is text/form based (applying for electronic copies of documents) they also include embedded maps to improve user experience.

This presentation will introduce EVRYMAP, explain its basic concepts and present some examples of its current modules, highlighting the advantages this open-source platform has to offer.

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